Palomino horses cantering in field


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Agriculture is where you can farm, meet people to help them or them help you, you can get advice from the judges to improve your skills. Agriculture can help you learn how to milk cows, farm animals, and pick out crops. The creed says “ I believe in a faith not of words but of deeds.” This is a good line because it has faith. There is many ways to have faith. You can have faith by believing in yourself or you can have faith by honoring God and trusting him to give you the knowledge that you need in order to achieve your goal. Either way you can still have faith on and off the FFA teams. The creed also says to have leadership in ourselves and respect from others. In order to lead you have to be brave about what you are doing. You also have to earn the respect you need from your team and the judges by giving them respect too. A third thing the creed says is a promise of better days through better ways. You have to be good and very reliable to your teachers, teams, and judges. If you are not there they will think he/she is not reliable or trustful. You can do better if you think about something that makes you happy and you can go through the day in a brand new way by getting good rewards for the hard work you have been doing in your class or with your team. You can do Agriculture very easy if you do it right.